“…That is why the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA) unconditionally supports the founding of this Fund which will make the work of Petnica Science Center more stable, better and more comprehensive. The SASA sincerely urges individuals in Serbia and abroad, as well as successful companies, and especially large public corporations and systems whose development will directly depend on the quality and creative abilities of our scientific and technical staff, to join the Fund and encourage others to help this promising endeavor…” (full text)

Prof. Nikola Hajdin, PhD, president of the SASA (2006)

“…I sincerely and wholeheartedly invite all people and companies of good will who care about a brighter Serbian future and whom were given by God, to join this Fund and help this humane and noble cause! Your contribution will mean a step towards happiness for many smart and hardworking children and for Serbia a step towards a more developed and stable society …” (full text)

Bishop of Šabac and Valjevo, Mr. Lavrentije (2006)

“…The Serbian Chamber of Commerce was one of the first members of the Petnica Fund. We invite all our members, but also individuals, companies, and institutions in Serbia and abroad to join this unique Fund, and thus help a wide specter of modern programs for work with youth and contribute the continual renewal of our national creative and scientific potential and the important staff nucleus of Serbian trade...” (full text)

Slobodan Milosavljević PhD, president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (2006)