Excerpt from Fund management regulations:

♦ Information on the work of the Fund is open to members and the general public, but the Fund is obliged to protect members’ personal information (privacy);
♦ Information on the status of your payment, as well as general information on the management of the Fund’s account will soon be available on the Fund’s website, that is here;
♦ All Fund members will receive a Bulletin twice a year, by e-mail or regular post, with detailed information on the financial management of the Fund;
♦ The Supervisory Council of the Fund will publish a detailed report at the end of every year in the Bulletin and on the Fund’s website.
♦ Fund sponsors and benefactors have the right of listing three priority objectives or purposes for spending their membership, in accordance with the Fund’s goals.
♦ Interested members of the Fund have the right of unlimited access to information on the efficiency and usefulness of the distribution of funds, as well as the complete financial and program documentation of the Fund.