Consider the membership categories, decide which one is right for you, and join the Petnica Fund.

Download the Fund membership application as an OpenOffice (2.0) or MS Word file, fill it in, and send it to us:
by e-mail (fond_at_,
fax (+381 14 25 12 12),
or regular mail (Fond Petnica, P.O. Box 6, 14104 Valjevo, Serbia).

For more information, contact us by phone:
+381 (0) 14 251 180, 251 280, 251 310
or by e-mail:
fond _at_

If you prefer regular mail, we can send you the application form and money order form by post. After we receive the completed application form and payment for the desired membership fee, we will send you your membership card and the latest information on the Fund.

If a company or individual wants to become a benefactor of the Fund, we will visit them to draft a special contract and arrange the details of mutual obligations.

It is possible for members to pay the membership fees for several years in advance.

It is also possible to achieve lifetime membership, by paying the amount of five annual fees of the desired membership category.

The application form also enables you to register other people (gift-membership).

Fund members can request to be named as anonymous members in published reports about members, sponsors, benefactors, memberships, or donations.