Join the Petnica Fund!!!

The Petnica Fund for the development of scientific education was founded by workers and associates of Petnica Science Center (PSC), with the aim of enabling an independent and stable source for financing and developing PSC educational activities. PSC primarily organizes programs intended for young talents, but we also try to invest in the development of high-quality and innovative programs in a broad specter of natural, social, and technical sciences. In a time of economic and social turmoil, the Fund is expected to ensure a stable basis for conducting and enhancing the successful programs that gave PSC a high reputation in our country and abroad.

The Fund connects former students, associates, friends, and supporters of Petnica Science Center, but also all those individuals, companies, and organizations who want to directly help a successfully tested concept of out-of-school education for young talents in the field of science and technology.

Your membership will help us conduct programs in various scientific fields, and enable secondary-school and university students to gain a modern, high-quality theoretical and practical out-of-school scientific education.

Tell your friends and colleagues about the Fund and invite them to join. Different forms of affordable membership options will help many young, talented, and enthusiastic people broaden their knowledge and experience, cultivate and develop their interest in science and technology, and enable them to readily face the challenges of the contemporary society.

Petnica Fund, P.O. box 6, 14104 Valjevo, Serbia

Phone: +381 (0)14 251 280, Fax: +381 (0)14 25 12 12,
e-mail: fond _at_